Champagne Henri Giraud

Champagne Giraud in Äy is “the greatest Champagne you’ve never heard of” (Robert Parker) and our Wine Director Tom has been raving about the stand-out wine at the CIVC’s annual Champagne Tasting - Giraud’s top cuvée Fut de Chene. We are delighted to be able to present these extraordinary and unique wines.

With 20 hectares of Grand Cru vineyards in the low acidity vineyards of Äy, 10 of which are south-facing, Giraud’s wines are Pinot Noir dominant (3/4 of their vineyards are planted to the variety) and most are fermented and then aged in Argonne oak. This distinctive combination gives them a particularly rich and powerful character, with an amplitude and intensity that is unforgettably visceral. The youngest vineyards however are still getting on for 40 years old and have a dusting of topsoil over 200-metres of chalk. Claude and team practice minimal interventionist viticulture.

All the wines but especially the top cuvées are broad, swaggering and hedonistic AND YET have soul and vinous poetry at their core - the equivalent of a younger Gerard Depardieu in his element as Cyrano de Bergerac. They also only make 250,000 bottles a year – which for a Champagne house puts them firmly in the boutique bracket.

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