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Taste wine

Taste wine live, not online

A century ago, the marketplace was the buzzing heart of the local community, where stories, news, views and opinions were traded as much as raw goods - and had equal value. At Honest Grapes, we may be a virtual marketplace, but through our regular tastings, and our online reviews, news and blogs we aim to create a similar community to those of a century ago, for people who love their wine - and hope it will provide equal value to the wines we trade.

Taste wine

Exchange views and opinions

All Friends and Premier Crew members can actively take part in the Honest Grapes site, leaving reviews and comments, and actively take part in our twitter feeds and Facebook posts. Over the coming months we’ll be adding new fora, and using our events, such as the Big Day Out, to stimulate the exchange of views and opinions, all centred around what we believe is a great, shared passion – drinking good wine.

Taste wine

Earn pips by being one of us

What’s more, we’ll be putting our money where our mouth is, and rewarding those who actively take part in our online community with lots of lovely Pips (our wine points that allow you to earn more wine for every penny you spend). Write a great review, get 20 pips. Come to our tastings and meet other Friends of Honest, net yourself a few more Pips. Recommend a Friend who signs up and buys, then here’s a whole load more Pips. Our simple view is, the more people contribute, the more we can reward and thank them. It’s how the old-fashioned marketplace works, and it’s very much how we’d like ours to.


So, if you haven’t already followed us on twitter and facebook, please do so.

And if you’ve yet to sign up as a Friend, allowing you to start contributing to reviews and leave comments just click the button below.

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