Corofin Winery - Sommelier Selection

Corofin Winery - Sommelier Selection
“From our early days here we have always had a desire to start our own small wine business, established without compromise for quality and with complete authenticity.” said Mike Paterson. Corofin, named after the Irish village in County Clare where Mike’s family originates from, was founded by him and his wife, Anna. Corofin and the Paterson family are inextricably linked through people and place. Their sole ambition is to transmit the voice of the land and the season. In order to reveal the individuality of each place, they only work with growers who farm their land with respect for the biodiversity of its soils and the local environment
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A great value drinking Bordeaux that shows the very drinkable Graves region at its finest.
£101.40 / case of 6
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