Honest Grapes - Dom Perignon 2010

Honest Grapes - Dom Perignon 2010
After the resounding success of 2008, his predecessor's grand finale, 2010 must have been quite a baptism of fire for Vincent..!

Initially the nose is all ripe yellow apples, pears, white stone fruit, peach skin and dried pineapple, camphor, marzipan and ginger cream biscuits. But fresher, more herbal notes develop, including lime sorbet and green apple peel, Darjeeling and finally even a little salt which takes a while to join the party.

Palate is ample, almost oily, like 2005 but with better acidity, and ensures the back palate is more vivacious and buoyant than you initially expect, and the finish has crunchy, zesty appeal which also hints at potential longevity. It’s rather in the Grand Cru Burgundy with bubbles mould (much appreciated given the heat of the afternoon) and the quality of the Chardonnay is particularly evident. However I think this is deceptive.

The overall character is one of generosity rather than reserve, and there are depths here that will just take a while to be teased out.

I was unsurprised to learn that this was third ripest vintage in a decade (after 2002 and 2003), more so that the grapes generally had the second highest acidity over the same period behind 2008. Beginning with a very cold, very dry Spring that resembled 1996 growing conditions, and concluding with an Indian summer that allowed full fruit maturation like 1995 but with two days of torrential rain mid-August in between, Vincent is clearly expecting 2010 to find balance by being an equilibrium of extremes (a phrase I seem to be using a lot these days!). Given the maison’s unrivalled access to pick and choose best fruit I think it could well achieve it!
Tom Harrow, Honest Grapes Wine Director
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