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Sparkling Wine Tasting with Winemaker Nick Hall from Herbert Hall

4th Apr 2017 , 6:30pm-8:30pm

Oliver Sweeney, Covent Garden


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Event Details

Join us for an effervescent marathon around Europe in 8 sparkling wines, including the outstanding Dom Perignon 2006!

Treat your taste buds with a tasting of fizz from France, England, Italy, Spain and Germany hosted by our serial sparkling ambassador (Dom Perignon, Frerejean Freres & Franciacorta) Tom Harrow and winemaker of "the crack cocaine of rose!" Nick Hall from Herbert Hall.

We guarantee a fantastic evening of “Fizzical Education”, exploring differences and making comparisons between production methods and styles.

Vintage Champagne
France - Dom Perignon 2006

Upon Arrival
Spain - Quim Vila Babot Cava Brut Nature

Champagne Method
England - Herbert Hall Brut
France - Frerejean Freres Premier Cru Brut

Rose Sparkling
England - Herbert Hall Brut Rose
Italy - Bellavista Franciacorta Rose

Varietal Sparkling
Germany - Clemens Busch Spatburgunder Sekt
France - Frerejean Freres Blanc de Blanc

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