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PerSe is a personal project from Edgardo (Edy) del Popolo and David Bonomi. The pair met in 1995, while working together at a local winery and are now considered trailblazers on the Argentine wine scene. David is one of the most knowledgeable oenologists in the Uco Valley, with on-the-ground experience from Altamira in the south to Gualtallary in the north. Edy was practically born under a grapevine: his parents owned vineyards in north Mendoza, he went on to study oenology and agronomy, and when the winery he was working at was sold to the Santa Rita Estates. From high altitude (6 degrees lower diurnal temperature difference from Mendoza), very low yielding, 0.5ha sites in Gualtallary in the Uco Valley, around the Monasterio del Cristo Orante. We tried them with the founders Edy and Daniel towards the end of last year and was blown away but never got around to doing anything about it! Anyway they are in the UK now, tiny quantities (so much so that they are shipped in cases of 4-bottles) proper unicorn wines!

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  1. PerSe Volare del Camino

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