Clemens Busch Marienburg Riesling Auslese Fahrlay (375ml)

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  •   Mosel, Germany
  •   Riesling
  •   2008

90/100 David Schildknecht, Wine Advocate (Feb-2010)

The charming and self-effacing couple of Clemens and his wife Rita have gained a cult following over the past three decades for their laser-sharp, richly textured and terroir defined wines. Riesling is the king of grapes, the Mosel its most illustrious terrain and so produces its ultimate expression. Nowhere in the world is the identification of vine, winemaker and produce more precisely defined, and nowhere have we found Rieslings to compare with these.

Grand Cru Sweet Rieslings (Grosse Lage Prädikatswein) from the Marienburg VDP ascend the heights of purity and sweetness from this iconoclastic winemaker. In the sweet versus dry debate, it’s worth noting that Clemens only uses natural yeasts, preferring each wine to find its perfect balance in each vintage.

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More Information
  Vintage 2008
  Bottle size 375
  Country Germany
  Region Mosel
  Grape Riesling