Zalto Universal Crystal Wine Glasses

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If you are not already familiar with the titan of teutonic glassware – Zalto, then now is the opportunity. Very limited production and healthy demand means these are not widely available and yet they are a must have for serious (or even frivolous) wine drinkers.

Each crystal glass is mouth blown and unusually but significantly the stem and bowl are formed together. This and subsequent slow cooling means that despite looking as fragile as new born fawns they are as tough and unbreakable as Wolverine.

The elegant look is matched by a similarly silken sipping experience, the thinness of the glass transmitting the wine into your mouth almost as though the walls had just melted away. The comments of other prominent fans are below and it’s worth noting that fine wine members' club 67 Pall Mall uses Zalto glasses exclusively throughout (thousands of them!)…

“What I love is that Zalto glasses are the thinnest and most delicate glasses I have come across, yet seem springy and almost elastic in the hand” Jancis Robinson, FT

“These are, truly, the best I’ve ever used.” Andrew Jefford, Decanter

“Zalto are beautiful to look at and they feel finessed, which has the effect of refining the whole drinking experience.” Victoria Moore, Daily Telegraph

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