20 Rules For Food & Wine Pairing When Entertaining - Free Guide!

Whether it’s early evening drinks with nibbles or canapés, seasonal festivities or a full-blown dinner party, this simple guide will help you to entertain your guests with a memorable combination of food and wine.

We have created a FREE Food and Wine Pairing Guide for you to downoad and enjoy - you're welcome! If you are looking to understand the basics of Food & Wine Pairing, we've got your back.
The guide includes tips such as:

  • Starter red wines should be softer in character, with lighter tannins to give a sense of fruity enjoyment without puckering your mouth. Try an Italian Merlot or Beaujolais Villages.

  • A rich Pinot Gris from Alsace or an Italian Chianto pairs beautifully with pâté. The richness, spiciness and acidity compliments the creaminess and fat of the pâté.

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