October 2014

  1. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? What to Serve Your Party Guests

    Everyone loves a party. Mostly. Unless you’re actually throwing the party, in which case certain questions can keep you up at night during the planning process. Who should you invite? What food do you offer a lactose and gluten intolerant vegan? Should you hide your Game of Thrones DVDs in case a guest spies them on your bookshelf and asks to borrow them? We’d like to help quell your anxiety in at least one area: what wines to serve. Continue reading →

  2. Six Real Life Food and Wine Pairings

    It’s easy to pair food and wine in a restaurant. You order something fabulous, ask the waiter and sommelier for their help, and pray really hard that they don’t advise you to go with the most expensive bottle on the list. At home, though, it’s slightly more difficult to make informed choices. For one, there’s rarely an expert on hand to offer advice. More importantly, however, it’s fairly likely that the food you eat at home is slightly less posh than what you eat when dining out - more leftovers than lobster, and more takeaway than tartare. And, sadly, no wine bottle label has ever recommended that you pair its contents with beans on toast. Continue reading →

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