December 2014

  1. News Review - the first few months

    Honest Grapes wishes you a Very Happy New Year. Below is a snapshot of titles and articles since our launch in September. Some featuring the company, others written by our wine director Tom Harrow. See you in 2015, and we look forward to helping you break some resolutions when it comes to abstaining from your favourite tipple. Continue reading →

  2. Wine Experiences of 2014 - part 1

    Our Wine Director Tom Harrow looks back at the year that has passed... An Indian Summer rescued what was threatening to be a disastrous Bordeaux and Burgundy vintage, England’s vineyards enjoyed their second sound harvest in a row, and Q4 showed the first up-swing in the fine wine market for three years.  More importantly 2014 saw the team at WineChap form the nexus of newly launched wine marketplace Honest Grapes and I drank some bloody good bottles around the world.  I’ve listed my Top 20 wine experiences of the year, which is a sneaky way of slipping more wines in as there were a few that came in pairs and even one quartet where it would be rude to single out individuals… Continue reading →

  3. ’Tis the Season to Steer Clear of Sham Pains

    Here we are again. A party every night and the depressing toss-up between cripplingly expensive Champagne or bog standard sparkling vino on BOGOF. Whether you wish to take the edge off New Year’s Eve, to hunker down with the leftover Christmas bubbly like hibernating bears, or to roar, full of song and spirit, into 2015, we have three distinctive sparklers of spectacularly good value for you: Continue reading →

  4. Champagne Magnums: Extraordinary Two for the Price of Two Offer

    Yes, you read that correctly – we’re offering a huge zero per cent discount on the price of 1500ml Champagne magnums (as compared to two 750ml bottles of the same wine). In contrast to bleach and duty-free whiskey, Champagne doesn't get less expensive per millilitre when you purchase it in bigger bottles. Instead, you will often pay a 10-15% premium (related to the non-standard packaging, shipping and storage required) to pour Champagne from the bigger bottle. Continue reading →

  5. Do You Tweet? Win tickets to the Burgundy vs Bordeaux Debate

    On Wednesday 10th December, Intelligence Squared is convening a debate between Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson. These two wine writing greats will battle it out to decide whether the wines of the Bordeaux or Burgundy are superior, with Michel Roux Jr on hand to chair the proceedings. To help the audience at London's Emmanuel Centre make an informed decision, each spectator will be given a glass of wine from both regions. Continue reading →

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