April 2015

  1. Wines of the Week: Bottle Aged Clarets for under £15

    Bottled aged, bursting with fruit … and a bargain to boot! Continue reading →

  2. Honest Grapes Wine Team in Men’s Health, Time Out and the Daily Mail

    We’re really lucky here at Honest Grapes – when we need wine advice, we simply shout across the office at Tom or James or Nathan. Not everyone is as wine-expert-rich, though, and over the past few weeks several pretty important publications have asked our wine team to share our knowledge with their readership. Continue reading →

  3. Wine of the Week: A Divine Sicilian

    Coming out of last week’s Sicilian Tasting for Premier Crew members at Blacks in Soho, we’d like to talk about a distinctly Sicilian wine with a name inspired by a god – the Ero, a Nero d’Alvo from Tenuta di Fessina. Continue reading →

  4. Honest Grapes at London Wine Week

    We’re very proud to be partners of London Wine Week, and have put together an eclectic schedule of events for the week – encompassing everything from stand-up tastings to sit-down dinners and even a laboratory experience. Continue reading →

  5. Premier Crew Perks: Write a Review, earn 50 pips (500 if it’s good)

    Next in our series on the benefits of joining our wine club is a chance to express your inner Hugh or Jancis, and earn pips (Honest Grapes loyalty points) for leaving a review on any wines you’ve tasted. We’ll give Premier Crew members 50 pips for every approved review. As an added incentive, each week we’ll award a “Review of the Week” 500 pips (that's £5 towards future purchases). Continue reading →

  6. London’s Champagne Popups (and a good thing too)

    From our chairman, Nathan: For all lovers of Champagne, London is a great place to be this Spring. My erstwhile friend Tom Harrow (@winechapUK) is hosting sessions at the amazing Dom Perignon popup in May and, as if to herald the onslaught of bubbles from the world’s most renowned sparkling wine region, this fortnight sees the Moët & Chandon Champagne Academy at the Oxo Tower. Continue reading →

  7. Bordeaux "Non-Primeur" - 2014 too good to buy now?

    From our Wine Director Tom Harrow: I got back from a holiday in Bordeaux on Monday – (coals to Newcastle in the middle of en primeur season for a wine consultant perhaps) and the weather, company and wines were splendid.  I’m not sure it’s enough however to convince me that the pending 2014 campaign is going to amount to much… Continue reading →

  8. Maturing Penfolds 95-point magnums – RWT: The Connoisseur’s Grange?

    From our wine director, Tom Harrow: I hosted an illuminating tasting of Penfolds top BINs earlier this month in the magnificent Penfolds Room at David Linley in Belgravia, which you enter through a cupboard in a Narnia-like fashion, including a selection of rare older vintages. I have always felt that it’s wines like BIN 389 (Poor Man’s Grange), St Henri Shiraz and especially the RWT (the non-nonsense Aussie abbreviation of Red Winemaking Trial) that represent great value for fine wines but are not well known in Europe and are rarely enjoyed with sufficient age to define and differentiate their complexities. Continue reading →

  9. Wine of the Week: A 2008 Bordeaux Malbec for £15

    So good have the wines coming out of Argentina been for the past few decades that it’s easy to forget that Malbec was originally a grape most strongly associated with South-West France and Bordeaux. The 100% Malbec that we're featuring this week, however, could not be more French if it tried – Napoleon even patronised the Château Relais de la Poste on a journey back to Paris in 1808. More recently, however, winemaker Olivier Dauga has taken the reins at the estate, and set about challenging Bordeaux norms. Continue reading →

  10. Premier Crew Perks: Refer a Friend, earn up to 2000 pips

    The next in our Premier Crew Perks series is a benefit that our Premier Crew have requested again and again – an incentive for referring a friend to Honest Grapes. We’re now very happy to officially announce two very juicy carrots to encourage our Premier Crew members to refer their friends to Honest Grapes: 1000 pips (£10 in Honest Grapes credit) for any friend you refer who makes a  wine purchase of £150 or over 2000 pips (£20 in Honest Grapes credit) for any friend you refer who joins the Premier Crew Continue reading →

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