June 2015

  1. A Sparkling Comparison: Champagne versus English Sparkling Wine

    Our Wine Director Tom had a lot of fun this weekend marking the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo by reenacting the battle on a far gentler, and all round more bubbly battlefield. Tom pitted the undisputed Emperor of sparkling wine, Champagne, against that cheeky young upstart, English sparkling wine. As much fun as a pair of grown men had playing with a pair of wine bottles, it did beg the question: how similar are Champagne and English sparkling wine? Continue reading →

  2. Need a Brilliant Night In? How about the “Big in Grapes” meal?

    Every two months we choose our "Pick of the Bunch" - a selection of carefully curated mixed cases. Each case contains six different wines, and a booklet explaining why we love them, as well as advice on great foods to pair them with. Many of our Premier Crew wine club members elect to regularly receive a Pick of the Bunch case. Recently, one of our Premier Crew members sent us this completely brilliant photo showing how he and a group of friends enjoy their case: they all gather at someone’s house and enjoy a meal planned and prepared specifically to match the wines in their case. Continue reading →

  3. Pick of the Bunch cases June 2015: Wines to drink in the sunshine

    The weather may be woeful, the lawn damp and the steak somehow both burnt and raw, but you can, at least, be sure that the wines will be brilliant. Just in time for Summer, we’ve put together three mixed cases with wines that complement foods found in picnic baskets or on barbecue grills. Continue reading →

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