December 2015

  1. Introducing Pontet Labrie

    A new wine, a new opportunity "the debut… ticked all the right boxes" "2015 was the perfect way to introduce Le Pontet - this is splendid." The Wine Advocate Jonathan Maltus, one of Bordeaux’ most pioneering and successful 100-point wine producers, started in St Emilion in 1994 with a small vineyard - Château Teyssier, which he has added to over the years, so that he now has 50 hectares under vines. Continue reading →

  2. TGIF(D): Thank God It's Fruit Day

    Nowadays it seems like there is a day for everything; Christmas, New Year, for lovers, for mothers (15th March, don't forget!). Just when you thought you've had enough of these days, Fruit Day comes along. But you'll like this "Day", we promise - it's an excuse to drink a very nice bottle of wine. Continue reading →

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