February 2016

  1. Wine as an investment...in your drinking pleasure!

    Why you should have a wine cellar   Why should you build a cellar? Whether you've got space for several hundred bottles or just a few cases, building a cellar is a great way to discover more about wine as you watch your collection grow. Continue reading →

  2. Epernay to Beaune Winehunt

    Our wine guru Tom Harrow a.k.a. WineChap in Urban Junkies about the perfect vinous car ride.  This year, we’re feeling the road trip –nothing says freedom like the wind in your hair- and for Easter, we’re thinking of something close to home. Tom Harrow from Honest Grapes has given us his stopover list for the classic wine route from Epernay to Beaune. Rolls (what he rolled in), optional. Continue reading →

  3. An Honest Grapes Panel Tasting

    As with many wine companies, we strive for a fluid, ever changing list, not only to keep it interesting and to give varied options, but also to keep pace with changes in the wine growing regions around the world. A poor harvest here, and exceptional vintage there… and of course we keep discovering new producers we love! Continue reading →

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