May 2016

  1. Sean's favourite food and wine pairings

    Our COO Sean doesn't only make sure that your chosen wines arrive with you safely and on time - he is also passionate about his cooking, and to pairing his dishes with the perfect tipple. Continue reading →

  2. Grape Expectations: A quick guide to three noble grapes of Bordeaux

    With all the hype surrounding the 2015 vintage in Bordeaux - which really is shaping up rather nicely - we thought it was a good idea to have a closer look at three of the grapes that go into making some of the greatest and most sought after wines in the world.   Continue reading →

  3. Top Bordeaux Picks

    Bordeaux en primeur is a strange game for the trade - so much time is devoted to it yet merchants struggle to make 10% on the in bond price which with currency swings and cost of transport often means selling claret as futures is an act of charity.  But however much we grumble, everyone enjoys great Bordeaux and most will set aside funds for a good vintage (despite the percentage dropping, it still makes up 80% of most investment portfolios), and we'd rather you spent it with us than elsewhere. Continue reading →

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