March 2017

  1. The Price of Wine Explained

    A recent statistic shows, the more you spend on wine the better quality you shall get. Sounds obvious, right? As an example, buying a bottle of wine in the UK that costs £5.39 (the UK average) will mean that the actual liquid in the bottle has a value of a whopping 60 pence. This is due to the costs of packaging, logistics, VAT, total margin and the recently increased cost of excise duty inflating. The recent announcement from chancellor Philip Hammond, declared duty rises in line with inflation, set the wine industry abuzz. But what does this all mean for wine drinkers in the UK? Continue reading →

  2. Pop your corks like a Pro

    When you have invested in a wine that you like, the last thing you want is to spoil it by leaving it open or break the cork and see pieces of it in your glass. To help you have the best wine experience all throughout, we just launched a great new range of wine accessories from AVINA on our website. AVINA Wine Accessories are the result of great craftsmanship and design, built to last a lifetime. David Turner, the founder of the company, created AVINA in Spain, in the heart of wine making country, surrounded by natural beauty and lush vineyards. We asked David about the importance of having a good corkscrew and bottle stopper. Continue reading →

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