3 Great Ways to Learn More About Wine

There’s nothing like the first sip of £3.50 off-license Rosé to make you resolve to learn more about wine. But anyone doing even the most casual of wine-related Google will quickly realise that:
i. There’s a lot of information out there.
ii. A lot of that information (and especially the language used) can be intimidating and impenetrable.
As such, it can be really tempting to scurry back to that long-standing wine purchase decision reason, “I’ll buy that wine because it’s on offer”. We’d like to suggest, however, that there’s more to wine than just the price, and that learning about wine (and talking about wine, and definitely drinking wine) can actually be fun.
To get you started, we’ve suggested three great ways to learn about wine below. Let us know if you’ve found any others – either online or off.
1. If you want to laugh out loud
So many wine blogs. So many good wine blogs, too. By our reckoning, though, HoseMaster of Wine is the funniest of them. Our Wine Director Tom describes it as “fresh, invigorating and spiky as a young New Zealand Sauvignon” (peppered with the occasional swear word – you’ve been warned). A great palate cleanser if you’ve consumed too much flowery, impenetrable wine language in any one day.
2. If you need a break from staring at a screen
Remember that time, not so long ago, when we read magazines? And they were printed on paper? Noble Rot magazine will make you wonder why we ever stopped. Every quarterly edition is a joy to hold, let alone read – thick matte pages, quality photography and fabulous bespoke illustrations. Articles celebrate wine on its own, and as a complement to food, music and life, and contributors represent some of the smartest wine writers around (including, ahem, our own wine director, Tom Harrow).
3. If you’re an “active learner” (i.e., you like to learn by drinking)
Tasting wine is a lot of fun, and when accompanied by the right kind of expert advice, can help you better recognise exactly why you love the wines you do, and suggest a few new varieties to add to your wine rack.
We have many, many wine tasting events in the pipeline, but registration is actually open for two particularly fabulous examples; our Autumn Tasting Evening at Brunswick House on Monday 6th October, and the Honest Grapes Big Day Out on Sunday 2nd November. If you’re reading this in the future you can find an up-to-date list of Honest Grapes events here.