3 Months Free In Bond Storage in Partnership with Nexus

We are delighted to be in partnership with Nexus, the finest wine management service. Even better we are offering you, 3 months free storage (this is not available anywhere else).
 If you buy wines In Bond or are thinking of try it out for the first time, we are here to make you life easier! Great wine needs great storage conditions in order to keep and develop to its best potential. That's why we've partnered with top wine management service Nexus to bring you 3 months of free storage when you purchase in bond wines with Honest Grapes!

How it works:
Purchase any of our wines In Bond, email us about the offer (info@honestgrapes.co.uk) and we'll get you set up straight away.


  • First 3 months FREE - this isn't available anywhere else.

  • No account opening fee (normally £50)

  • Receipt fee £3.00 (normally £4.50) - 33% saving

  • £0.85p per case per month (normally £1.20) - 41% saving

  • All fees ex.VAT

  • On-line portal to view wines and status (being updated this year to include improved functionality, valuations etc.)

  • There are also benefit s of being charged per month vs. annual storage costs (most other facilities) is that you only pay for the time used. (e.g. withdraw wines after 4 months, you only pay £3.40 +VAT)

About Nexus:
Nexus is a climate controlled dedicated bunker at - Dinton Woods, Sailsbury. In the heart of the English countryside, protected within 100 acres of secluded woodland are there reinforced concrete vaults. Excavated from the hillside, the underground chambers vary in size from 3,000 ft2 to 6,000 ft2. The vaults have been recently refurbished to the highest standards, but having stood the test of time for 70 years, they offer the optimum conditions for the maturation of fine investment wine. (Individual units can be allocated and designed for the larger investor)

For any other questions and for the full T&Cs please contact us at info@honestgrapes.co.uk