5 Champagne Food Pairings you have to try

We all know about classic food and Champagne pairings - oysters, caviar - but what about something a bit different? Here are 5 food and Champagne pairings that we're loving at the moment:

Mac & Cheese

  1. The ultimate in comfort food, Mac and Cheese pairs wonderfully with Champagne with the acidity cutting through that cheesy goodness and cleansing the pallet. Oh yes!

  2. Fish and Chips
    A British staple, next time you head to the Chippy be sure to try with a glass of bubbles.

  3. Sushi
    You may have tried a nice dry Riesling or Sake with your sushi, but Champagne works wonderfully well with raw fish. A must try.

  4. Popcorn
    Having a movie night this weekend? Salty and sweet both work, but try all buttered popcorn for an the ultimate taste sensation.

  5. Fruit and dark chocolate
    Both fruit and chocolate can be tricky to pair with as sweetness in food can make wine taste bitter. When in doubt Champagne wins the day.

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