"A cracking piece of kit": Taste Lab Kits Reviews

We think our Taste Lab Kit is a great way for wine lovers to challenge themselves and their preconceptions. But you don't have to trust us - a host of wine journalists and bloggers have tried and reviewed the Kits too...

Published 21st October

"this is a cracking piece of kit for wannabe wine lovers."

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helen_screen_grabHelen McGinn - The Knackered Mother's Wine Club
Published 23rd September 2015

"so that was really good fun... I highly recommend it."

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Essex_Wine_Man_1000Paul Laurie - The Essex Wine Man
Published 23rd September

"I think it will be the number one Christmas present this year for wine lovers"

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Published 15th September

"And what an eye-opener the Taste Lab Kit is!"


Metro Newspaper
Published 8th September 2015

"Go in blind for a taste sensation."

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UJ_Square_2Urban Junkies

Published 7th August 2015

“why wasn’t this invented sooner”

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Published 6th August 2015

"Where do we sign up?"

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Published 27th July 2015

"A gorgeously geeky wine toy."

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