A London Wine Week Roundup

We wanted to extend our thanks for yet another massively successful London Wine Week in May.
Firstly our thanks go to DrinkUp.London for all their hard work and organisation of a great week of events, wine education and fun times!
[caption id="attachment_3944" align="alignleft" width="300"]Nathan at the Wine Challenge Nathan at the Wine Challenge[/caption]
Secondly, our thanks go to all the great venues we used throughout that week that helped make our events so successful, including Brunswick House Café, The Ritzy and EuroCave UK.
[caption id="attachment_3945" align="alignright" width="300"]Our Referendum Tasting had surprising results..... Our Referendum Tasting had surprising results.....[/caption]
And lastly, but most importantly, to all the people that came along to our events and enjoyed the tastings with us. We were excited to see so many new faces, all with an interest in wine and a desire to learn as well as taste.

Bottle Amnesty Tweet
Our Bottle Amnesty went down well!
We also had some great swaps from our Bottle Amnesty for London Wine Week wristband wearers including one lady who's partner had bought a supermarket Malbec on Buy one get one free and drank half of one, which was "fine but nothing special" and used the rest of it in cooking. So she donated the second bottle to us and swapped it for a rather lovely Pouilly-Fume which she loved.
We had so much fun with you all and hope to see you again soon. Check out what events we have coming up here.