A New Wave from Australia

A new generation of Australian wines has arrived to our list and we couldn't be more excited about it. On his recent travels to the Antipodes, our Co-founder Nathan Hill visited tens of wineries and was blown away with the trailblazing winemaking techniques and the complex taste notes and characterful wines they produce.

Meeting Luke Lambert was one of Nathan's highlights in Australia. Widely recognised as a passionate and talented winemaker, Luke belongs the younger generation of Yarra Valley growers and is present on on Jancis Robinson's favourites list of "recommended underdogs".
Luke's wines are produced in harmony with nature and with minimal intervention, creating a complex taste characterised by fresh acidity, pure fruit, and with very little oak. He started out with 1,000 kg of fruit, a small basket press, a tank and a 30-year-old barrel. A few vintages later, not much has changed. Luke makes his single-vineyard wines from sites with poor, rocky soils in elevated pockets of the Yarra Valley. The fruit is handpicked and wild fermented with no temperature control, new oak, filtration, or fining, and sulphur is used sparingly.
And if that wasn't cool enough already, when he's not making amazing wines, Luke plays his drum kit in the cellar, as shown in Nathan's Instagram posts below.