An Introduction to Burgundy En Primeur

We are thrilled to offer you the exclusive opportunity to pre-reserve your Burgundy 2015 allocations before they are widely released in January. But what we mean when we talk about selling wine En Primeur? If you haven't been collecting Burgundy until now but would like to give it a try, now is a good time to start.

En Primeur is a system that both merchants and vineyards rely on as a sort of futures market for wines that need time in the cellar. The domaine gets a chance to recoup some costs and in return offers the wines at pre-release prices allowing you to save money whilst getting hold of fine wines in short supply before they leave the vineyard. The prices listed are “in bond” – which means they do not include Duty and VAT (which only become liable when the wines are shipped to the UK and leave our bonded warehouse – or otherwise we can easily set you up your own storage to keep the wines until you are ready to take receipt of them).
Earlier this year, Tom and Nathan went to Burgundy, met with the winemakers and tasted as many wines as they could possibly taste in 3 days to bring you a stellar list from a select core of over-performing producers.
In a potentially great vintage such as 2015 it's not always easy to determine which wines to try but thanks to Tom, Christian and the team, we have done all the hard work for you. We have carefully curated several MIXED cases of Burgundy 2015 (something unique to Honest Grapes) that are perfect for the aspiring Burgundy collectors (and drinkers) among you and offer a fool proof introduction to buying great Burgundy wines en primeur.
Here are some of Tom's highlights and take a more in-depth look of the vintage and available wines here. If you need any more information or help choosing your wines, please feel free to get in touch with the team at