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  1. Bicycles, Burgundy and bons viveurs - Part 1

    Our Wine Director Tom Harrow has cycled around Burgundy. Here's his report for FT How To Spend It. “…Good company, good wine, good welcome, can make good people…” Such sentiments from Shakespeare’s Henry VIII sum up my last trip to Burgundy – if the final “good” can translate as happy, inspired, grateful, replete, slightly saddle-sore and mildly hungover. The latter quality I blame entirely on unnecessary quantities of 1960s Calvados from the bar at Le Pic in Beaune, and not on the array of fine wines enjoyed throughout. Continue reading →

  2. Bordeaux Games - part two

    Left Bank or Right Bank? Bordeaux, continued... The next day – as the others went off for a good walk, and after I had lunched alone at the 16-seat dining table, enjoying iced Lillet Rosé and a ham baguette rustled up by Nathan Outlaw’s former sous chef – Anna took me to meet local Castillon wine hero, Thierry Valette. Thierry is an early pioneer of biodynamism. Its principles may still be practised rarely in Bordeaux, but they are finally being taken more seriously thanks to the unalloyed success of Pontet-Canet in Pauillac. Continue reading →

  3. Bordeaux games - part one

    Tom Harrow reports from Bordeaux for FT How To Spend It Visitors who spend time in London soon complain like locals about the crowds, traffic, weather, tourists, Central Line, prices etc… But it only takes a few days outside the capital before they start missing ATMs, sun-dried tomatoes, the presence of elegant footwear and being able to get a cab after 1am. Bordeaux inspires the reverse effect. Continue reading →

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