Pick of the Bunch

  1. Finding great producers: 4 winemakers that give a schist

    What makes wine great? A big question with a very simple answer. Producers that give a damn produce great wine. Winemaking is a craft and it’s our job to search out, visit and taste the wines to make sure we bring the very best of the bunch to you. Continue reading →

  2. Autumn wines: it's time to get cosy

    It's all starting to feel a bit autumnal isn't it? Time to put the heating on, find your dusty slippers that have been hiding under the sofa all summer, and get cosy with some warming reds. Here are three wines that will be in our wine rack this autumn... Continue reading →

  3. Wine Wisdom - Autumn Pick of the Bunch Cases

    This month we bring to you our new Pick of the Bunch cases which were carefully selected by Christian with inputs from the rest of the team. We are excited to unveil two superb cases. The Seasonal Sipping case which is perfect for getting you through October, and an all Italian American affair in the Godfather(s) case. See highlights of some of the wines in these cases, information about an educational evening of how to build a cellar, this week's recipe, learn about Honest gifts & why do some wines getting better with age? all in this week's Wine Wisdom. Continue reading →

  4. Wine of the Week - Summer Pick of the Bunch Cases

    Welcome to the Wine of the Week with Honest Grapes, this weeks blog stars our Premier Crew manager Christian Mclarnon.   Keep reading to find out the hot topics at Honest Grapes HQ this week..... Continue reading →

  5. Need a Brilliant Night In? How about the “Big in Grapes” meal?

    Every two months we choose our "Pick of the Bunch" - a selection of carefully curated mixed cases. Each case contains six different wines, and a booklet explaining why we love them, as well as advice on great foods to pair them with. Many of our Premier Crew wine club members elect to regularly receive a Pick of the Bunch case. Recently, one of our Premier Crew members sent us this completely brilliant photo showing how he and a group of friends enjoy their case: they all gather at someone’s house and enjoy a meal planned and prepared specifically to match the wines in their case. Continue reading →

  6. Pick of the Bunch cases June 2015: Wines to drink in the sunshine

    The weather may be woeful, the lawn damp and the steak somehow both burnt and raw, but you can, at least, be sure that the wines will be brilliant. Just in time for Summer, we’ve put together three mixed cases with wines that complement foods found in picnic baskets or on barbecue grills. Continue reading →

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