Premier Crew Perks

  1. Premier Crew Wine Club

    Last night we enjoyed a Club Evening with our Premier Crew Wine Club members. One of the benefits of being part of the club is getting to attend the regular tasting events we hold throughout the year. Continue reading →

  2. Wine Wisdom with Tom Harrow - Get Ready for Autumn

    Today's Equinox officially marks the transition into Autumn. The new season brings new types of wine to enjoy, new recipe ideas and new products to look forward to, as Honest Grapes expands into wine accessories with the legendary Zalto glasses now available on our site. Tom tests their durability in a unique way, so watch the video to see what all the hype is about! Continue reading →

  3. Wine Wisdom with Tom Harrow at Honest Grapes

    Hear our wine guru Tom Harrow talking about three of our favourite wines from America, then back to Italy for our fine wine, this week's recipe of seared Tuna, learn about how Honest Grapes can help you with wine advice and finally this weeks vintellect.   Keep reading for more information..... Continue reading →

  4. Wine Wisdom from Nathan at Honest Grapes

    This week Nathan will take you through what's hot at Honest Grapes HQ, including three perfect BBQ whites from one of Nathans favourite producers, two big reds from Washington, USA, this weeks recipe, vintellect & learn about the benefits of referring a friend. Keep reading to find out more.... Continue reading →

  5. Premier Crew Perks – How to Earn Pips

    One of the most important benefits of being part of the Premier Crew has surely got to be the ability to earn Pips. If you don’t know already, Pips are the Honest Grapes loyalty points. One pip equals one penny – so, 2000 pips equal £20 in Honest Grapes credit. Continue reading →

  6. Premier Crew Perks: Benefits with Affiliates

    With huge thanks to our friends, yet another Premier Crew Perk  is the awesome discounts and benefits that they have kindly offered to our members. Continue reading →

  7. Making the Premier Crew wine club even better!

    After trailing our ideas with many of our members, we’re now ready to introduce a range of changes intended to make the Premier Crew an even better experience.  The Premier Crew is the affordable luxury fun wine club that offers great wine on a regular basis to people who don’t feel they need to be wine buffs, but want thrilling wines at sensible prices. And our members even get to curate the wine list with us! Continue reading →

  8. An Honest Grapes Panel Tasting

    As with many wine companies, we strive for a fluid, ever changing list, not only to keep it interesting and to give varied options, but also to keep pace with changes in the wine growing regions around the world. A poor harvest here, and exceptional vintage there… and of course we keep discovering new producers we love! Continue reading →

  9. Premier Crew Perks: Your Own Personal Wine Advisor

    Perhaps the most under-rated benefit of being part of our Premier Crew wine club is access to a Personal Wine Advisor. James and Sophie (with regular assistance from Tom and Nathan) answer dozens of questions from our Premier Crew each week – about Honest Grapes wines, definitely, but also about food and wine matching, travel, restaurant and bar recommendations… Continue reading →

  10. Premier Crew Perks: Write a Review, earn 50 pips (500 if it’s good)

    Next in our series on the benefits of joining our wine club is a chance to express your inner Hugh or Jancis, and earn pips (Honest Grapes loyalty points) for leaving a review on any wines you’ve tasted. We’ll give Premier Crew members 50 pips for every approved review. As an added incentive, each week we’ll award a “Review of the Week” 500 pips (that's £5 towards future purchases). Continue reading →

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