1. Premier Crew Perks – How to Earn Pips

    One of the most important benefits of being part of the Premier Crew has surely got to be the ability to earn Pips. If you don’t know already, Pips are the Honest Grapes loyalty points. One pip equals one penny – so, 2000 pips equal £20 in Honest Grapes credit. Continue reading

  2. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness - Tom talks Autumn

    As the seasons change and coats are pulled from the back of closets, we asked our head wine guru Tom Harrow about what winemakers are looking for during the Autumnal months, and what we can expect from the 2015 harvest, wine-wise. Continue reading

  3. Burgers - the Ultimate Wine Pairing?

    Thursday was National Burger Day, one of our favourite national food days here at Honest Grapes. As is always the way in the office, we started thinking about the perfect wine to pair with a beautifully cooked medium-rare American Classic. A lively debate ensued but, as always, the rabble demurred to our Chief Wine Person, Tom 'Wine Chap' Harrow. So, what did Tom declare as the ultimate burger tipple? Continue reading

  4. WineShrink analyses Château Civrac's Mark Hellyar

    Château Civrac is a favourite here at Honest Grapes. This natural and modern vineyard in Bordeaux has a great story, and produces even better wine. Both their signature Bordeaux Blend and their Sauvignon Blanc (the appropriately named "Wild White") are continuously favourites at our tastings. Limited quantities of older vintages of the red, in particular, are snapped up by our Premier Crew with alarming alacrity. Continue reading

  5. Pick of the Bunch cases June 2015: Wines to drink in the sunshine

    The weather may be woeful, the lawn damp and the steak somehow both burnt and raw, but you can, at least, be sure that the wines will be brilliant. Just in time for Summer, we’ve put together three mixed cases with wines that complement foods found in picnic baskets or on barbecue grills. Continue reading

  6. #WineShrink on the couch with Marchese Anselmo, San Leonardo

    “…one of the great wines of Italy… Sassicaia and San Leonardo seem like brothers separated in childhood.” Wine Advocate, December 2014 “Surely the most successful Bordeaux blend of Northern Italy” Jancis Robinson, August 2012 Continue reading

  7. All About Rioja

    @vinologue @gilescooke totally agree. Too much cheap Rioja in hairnets on the market. — Tim Atkin (@Timatkin) February 24, 2015 Part two of this week’s Spanish offer takes us to Rioja (see Part 1, our Priorat offer here), a region which in many respects is a victim of its own success.  Considered as reliably top end of basic – “the running-late-to-dinner, grab-from-corner-shop-for-£7 sort of wine” – Rioja often struggles to rise higher in the consciousness of the drinking public.  This is of course a shame as there is unrivalled value at the Reserva level and above from the region as well as some smaller, more artisan producers who make fabulously characterful Crianza, increasingly and unusually solely from their own vineyards. Continue reading

  8. Priorat’s Finest, Points Abounding…

    From our wine director, Tom Harrow: The other week at a tasting Nathan and I met winemaker Ester Nin, one of the stars of Priorat – responsible not only for I Terrasses Clos Erasmus (a back to back 100-point scorer in 04 and 05!) but also, with husband Carlos, their fabulous and amazing value Nit de Nin wines nearby. It’s hard to think of more fashionable and sought after fine wines than Priorat currently – and alongside Rene Berbier (Clos Mogador) and Alvaro Palacios (Ermita), Daphne Glorian (proprietor of I Terrasses) is at the cutting edge of Spain’s wine revolution. Continue reading

  9. EnoClub @ Polpo - Rebooted for 2015

    We’re thrilled to announce Series 4 of EnoClub, the 2015 reboot of Polpo’s incredibly popular Italian wine tasting evenings, hosted by Honest Grapes wine consultant James Wills. Each evening will focus on the wines of a different Italian region, accompanied by a selection of Polpo's famous cicchetti. Continue reading

  10. Wines for the wee beastie: what to drink with haggis

    Burns Night is upon us once again, and with it that eternal question – what to drink with haggis? Speaking largely from experience, whisky often leads to ruin far too early. While beer can make a fun substitute, the Haggis offers a chance to explore our cellar for one attractive option or other. Continue reading

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