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  1. Post-January Re-winelutions: Red Cabbage Salad Pairings

    This is it. The first month of the year has come to an end (already). It’s a bittersweet feeling here; we’re eleven months closer to Christmas (yes yes, bottom of the barrel, we know) but we’re filled with dread from the realisation that we haven’t even ticked one thing off our NY resolutions list. Continue reading

  2. Burgundy 2013: The Honest Grapes Parcels

    “Summing up the last five years in Burgundy: '09 = flesh, '10 = muscle, '11 = skin, '12 = flesh/muscle, '13 = sinew. These are Burgundies for Burgundy lovers but a great place to start for those wanting to begin their journey through the region.” Tom Harrow, How To Spend It Continue reading

  3. Wines for the wee beastie: what to drink with haggis

    Burns Night is upon us once again, and with it that eternal question – what to drink with haggis? Speaking largely from experience, whisky often leads to ruin far too early. While beer can make a fun substitute, the Haggis offers a chance to explore our cellar for one attractive option or other. Continue reading

  4. Wine of the Week: Castello della Rosa's Medal Winning Pair

    This week's featured wine is actually a pair: a perfectly mature, medal winning twosome from the extraordinary Castello della Rosa. Made in the Orion family vineyards in the Northern Italian Province of Trentino, and only in the finest vintages these wines offer superb value, bottle age, and quality. Continue reading

  5. 98-point Brunello 2010 En Primeur

    From our Wine Director, Tom Harrow: I have been vociferously enthusing about 2010 Brunello since tasting variously in 2011 and 2012 from barrel (also see my How to Spend It - Divino Tuscany report). James Suckling stole a march on other wine writers (much to their chagrin) and organised a pre-release December tasting of this recently-bottled vintage of the millennium, giving the expected stratospheric scores which have made it impossible to wait any longer to mention as buyers are now jostling for allocations. Continue reading

  6. Be More Fiscally Responsible in 2015: Buy a Case of Champagne

    At the stroke of midnight on December 31, did you resolve to make better budget choices in 2015 (before ordering a £70 Uber to take you home)? If yes, we have a limited offer on Gosset Brut Excellence NV Champagne – a case of 6 bottles for the price of 5 - that will enable you to be simultaneously fabulous and frugal. Continue reading

  7. Hangover Survival Tips for 2015

    Happy New Year! We hope you're greeting 2015 with a clear head, shining eyes and a renewed sense of well-being. If, however, your festive break was fantastic, but also fantastically indulgent, and you're skulking back into the office with a banging head, broken capillaries and an aversion to loud noises, we're here to help. Continue reading

  8. ’Tis the Season to Steer Clear of Sham Pains

    Here we are again. A party every night and the depressing toss-up between cripplingly expensive Champagne or bog standard sparkling vino on BOGOF. Whether you wish to take the edge off New Year’s Eve, to hunker down with the leftover Christmas bubbly like hibernating bears, or to roar, full of song and spirit, into 2015, we have three distinctive sparklers of spectacularly good value for you: Continue reading

  9. Champagne Magnums: Extraordinary Two for the Price of Two Offer

    Yes, you read that correctly – we’re offering a huge zero per cent discount on the price of 1500ml Champagne magnums (as compared to two 750ml bottles of the same wine). In contrast to bleach and duty-free whiskey, Champagne doesn't get less expensive per millilitre when you purchase it in bigger bottles. Instead, you will often pay a 10-15% premium (related to the non-standard packaging, shipping and storage required) to pour Champagne from the bigger bottle. Continue reading

  10. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? What to Serve Your Party Guests

    Everyone loves a party. Mostly. Unless you’re actually throwing the party, in which case certain questions can keep you up at night during the planning process. Who should you invite? What food do you offer a lactose and gluten intolerant vegan? Should you hide your Game of Thrones DVDs in case a guest spies them on your bookshelf and asks to borrow them? We’d like to help quell your anxiety in at least one area: what wines to serve. Continue reading

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