Wine of the Week

  1. Wine Wisdom with Tom Harrow at Honest Grapes

    This week Tom will take you down the Honest Grapevine,  including Desert Island Drinking, fine reds from two of Tom's favourite estates in northern Italy, this weeks recipe, learn about a one of kind tasting experience and when is the best time to enjoy fine wine?   Continue reading to find out more... Continue reading

  2. Wine Wisdom from Nathan at Honest Grapes

    This week Nathan will take you through what's hot at Honest Grapes HQ, including three perfect BBQ whites from one of Nathans favourite producers, two big reds from Washington, USA, this weeks recipe, vintellect & learn about the benefits of referring a friend. Keep reading to find out more.... Continue reading

  3. Wine of the Week - Summer Pick of the Bunch Cases

    Welcome to the Wine of the Week with Honest Grapes, this weeks blog stars our Premier Crew manager Christian Mclarnon.   Keep reading to find out the hot topics at Honest Grapes HQ this week..... Continue reading

  4. Wine of the Week - BBQ reds for all occasions

    Our wine(s) of the week are three juicy reds that are perfect for a summer BBQ and promise to be the pair with anything  on the grill. Continue reading to find out our top picks...... Continue reading

  5. Weekly World of Wine with Honest Grapes

    Everything you need to know about the world of wine in 4 minutes staring Nathan Hill our co-founder & executive chairman. Continue reading

  6. The amazing Clemens Busch and the king of grapes

    The charming and self-effacing couple of Clemens and his wife Rita have gained a cult following over the past three decades for their laser-sharp, richly textured and terroir defined wines.  Clemens pioneered organic farming in the early 1980’s, and have converted to biodynamic production since 2005. They are members of the elite VDP top producers of Germany. Continue reading

  7. A Sparkling Comparison: Champagne versus English Sparkling Wine

    Our Wine Director Tom had a lot of fun this weekend marking the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo by reenacting the battle on a far gentler, and all round more bubbly battlefield. Tom pitted the undisputed Emperor of sparkling wine, Champagne, against that cheeky young upstart, English sparkling wine. As much fun as a pair of grown men had playing with a pair of wine bottles, it did beg the question: how similar are Champagne and English sparkling wine? Continue reading

  8. Wines of the Week: Bottle Aged Clarets for under £15

    Bottled aged, bursting with fruit … and a bargain to boot! Continue reading

  9. Wine of the Week: A Divine Sicilian

    Coming out of last week’s Sicilian Tasting for Premier Crew members at Blacks in Soho, we’d like to talk about a distinctly Sicilian wine with a name inspired by a god – the Ero, a Nero d’Alvo from Tenuta di Fessina. Continue reading

  10. Wine of the Week: A 2008 Bordeaux Malbec for £15

    So good have the wines coming out of Argentina been for the past few decades that it’s easy to forget that Malbec was originally a grape most strongly associated with South-West France and Bordeaux. The 100% Malbec that we're featuring this week, however, could not be more French if it tried – Napoleon even patronised the Château Relais de la Poste on a journey back to Paris in 1808. More recently, however, winemaker Olivier Dauga has taken the reins at the estate, and set about challenging Bordeaux norms. Continue reading

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