The Honest Grapes Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Time ~ Mistletoe & Wine

(Yes, it’s entirely focused on wine)
Not sure what to give the in-laws this Christmas? Want something different to serve with your turkey? Stuck for ideas for the perfect gift for your partner or need something to impress your boss? We've got you covered...

For your parents... Will a single bottle wow them? Remember, they spent 18 years of their lives raising you. Honest Grapes now offer mixed cases for less than £100 - our seasonal alternative case has a bottle to accompany every Christmas tradition.
For your partner… We’re inclined to suggest Premier Crew membership. That is, a subscription to our wine club from as little as £25 a month. Every penny you pay is ‘banked’ and is yours to spend on wines as and when you please. Plus, you earn points and perks and get a personal wine advisor. It’s the gift that keeps on giving (to both you and your partner!).
For a good friend… Have you seen the new Honest Grapes Taste Lab Kits? For under £30, try 5 quality reds and 5 quality whites blind, making notes as you go. Then, enter your opinions into our taste selector quiz and we’ll tell you exactly what you like for future reference. This one is best enjoyed with a friend, so hand it over with a hint...
For your boss... And you thought the in-laws were tricky. Love or hate your boss, bear in mind that they have a good deal of influence over your career and a Christmas gift will most certainly be well-remembered. Treat them to Olivier Ravoire’s 2010 Crozes-Hermitage. It’s ready to drink now but could equally develop over the next 3-5 years. And at £18.10, it shows a high level of respect but equally won’t break the bank.
For Christmas dinner... The festive holly berry, Rudolph's nose and robin's breast, not to mention jolly St. Nick's wardrobe staples; Christmas and the colour red go hand in hand. So why are reds so often overlooked when it comes to choosing Christmas dinner wine?
Hearty, vibrant and guaranteed to bring festive cheer, these three hand-selected reds are the ideal accompaniment for your Christmas turkey:
Terre di San Leonardo - The stand-out red at our recent tasting panel, its plum fruity character with background fruits that make it perfect for turkey. At just £11.60, it's outstanding value.
Varner Foxglove Cabernet Sauvignon - “Look after the fruit and the wine takes care of itself” say the makers of this Cabernet Sauvignon. If that’s the case then the 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that make up this hearty red have clearly been well cared for. Notes of black fruit, liquorice and spicy black pepper compliment roast dinners marvellously.
Grace Bridge Pinot Noir - And of course, for a more traditional approach, we have a classic Pinot Noir - although not just any Pinot Noir. Given the price tag, I truly believe that this is the best value Pinot Noir I have ever come across; I was simply blown away by its quality.
For yourself…
There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a nice glass in winter, is there? And trust us, come January, you’ll both need and deserve it. Treat yourself to this Argentinian, 100% Chardonnay today and keep it locked away for the duration of the festivities. When the madness dies down and routine resumes, your wine will be waiting for whenever you fancy.