Do you have to be a wine buff?

I hate wine bores. For me, wine is a fun drink to share with friends. Far too much time is spent telling people what wine they should like, using complex terms and silly descriptions to make a mystery out of something that should just be ‘serious pleasure’.
Let’s face it; most of us are after a good drink at a sensible price, matching the occasion and food. So what are we doing to help?

  • Listing wines by style and drinking occasion (and asking Friends to tell us about favoured styles when signing up so that we know what to offer you)

  • Using simple, straightforward language to describe wines

  • Providing our own honest reviews, without gushing!

  • Rating each wine as ‘Quaffable’, ‘Developing’ or ‘Complex’ to let you know whether it’s more of an easy-drinking fruity style or a more complex, savoury wine

  • Providing information about the food matches that will bring out the best in each wine

We want quality wines at good value from independent growers without fuss. Try some!