Honest Grapes at London Wine Week

Honest Grapes are proud to be partners of London Wine Week and have a variety of events on during the week to suit everybody!
Including our Bottle Amnesty fiesta. If you are a London Wine Week wristband wearer you have exclusive access to take part in our Bottle Amnesty during London Wine Week. Come along to one of our events below with a bottle of plonk that you don't like/don't use/was given as a gift/want rid of, and we will replace it with one of our great wines. Sounds good right?

Schedule for the Week Wine Challenge
We start with The Honest Grapes Wine Challenge, on both Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th May.
US_Tasting_27th May
For a fun Friday night, we are taking people on a tour of the US to discuss the Wine Revolution that is happening across the pond.
Referendum Yes or No
Join us on Saturday 28th for a tasting with a difference. We will help you decide which way to vote in our Referendum 2016: In vs Out, but with drinks!
Tom CellarAnd to finish the week, we are holding a Build Your Cellar master class on Sunday 29th to answer any questions you might have on starting your cellar, what you should be buying and how much it all costs.
Contact Marie at events@honestgrapes.co.uk if you need any further information about any of events for London Week or our Bottle Amnesty.