How green is your wine? The plastic debate

How green is your wine?
No, we’re not talking about a refreshing glass of Vino Verde here, we’re talking about the environmental impact the production and distribution of wine is having on our planet. Now we hear you, no one wants to feel guilty about pouring a glass of wine. That is why we have spent the last six months doing a big environmental impact study and implementing measures accordingly to make us super green. In this blog we focus on the use of plastic. 

The plastic debate
When David Attenborough speaks, we all listen. Individuals and businesses alike – we have all been trying to do our bit to reduce our plastic use. One of the biggest problems that wine merchants face is the issue of breakages. Wine bottles are extremely fragile and no one wants to receive a smashed bottle on their doorstep.  
Reducing the need for extra packaging If you are a member of our club you will know that with our Club Offers we encourage our customers to buy unmixed cases in larger quantities. This means we can ship the wine from the vineyard and then onto you without having to unpack and repack the wines – thus saving on both cardboard and plastic.  
Working with fully recyclable materials If we do have to repack bottles and repackage them we use cardboard boxes and Air Pack, inflatable bags made from PET LDPE 4 material, which is 100% recyclable. LDPE Plastic #4 is among the recycling symbols considered to be safe.   

  • 100% recyclable 

  • Low PET rating 

  • Reusable 

  • Easy to use and mess free 

  • Complies with ISO 9001 – environmental commitment

Trialling new systems However, in an aim to reduce our plastic use further we are also trialling Nakpack made entirely from cardboard, and a 100% recyclable form of packaging.
We will keep you up to date with our eco journey as it continues. If you have any questions from issues raised in this blog post we’d be happy to hear from you. Email us