Introducing our new Sommelier Selection

"Sommeliers are the new rock stars of the restaurant world. Or perhaps superstar DJs is a better term, as they don’t create wines but rather curate them expertly – a great wine list is like a lovingly collected box of vintage vinyl, each addition chosen because it’s owner thinks it’s a brilliant example of the genre that simply has to be shown off to the world...
And just like a definitive music collection It’s much harder to assemble a brilliant small wine list than a much bigger one which doesn’t force you to be so choosy. Over the last few months we’ve honed our core list to the elite few – there have been tears and disagreements but we have come out the other side with something we are really proud of. The selections aren’t static and we are constantly striving to improve the wine offering but we are convinced that what has made the final cut is the best in show and great value."
Tom Harrow, Wine Guru
Why sommelier selection?
• We’ve approached putting together the list as a sommelier would for a restaurant – not with multiple listings but choosing our favourites in key categories. We are proud of our personal tastes and you’ll spot certain preferences for regions and grapes – this gives the selection personality rather being a box ticking exercise! Where we have not found a wine to fit a gap, we won’t list one until we are convinced it’s the best.
• These are all wines found in the best restaurants in London and the UK, whether at multiple Michelin star joints in Mayfair or no reservation street food stars in Soho…
• …It goes without saying therefore these are very food friendly wines – not to say you can’t enjoy them on their own but you will have a lot experimenting with different pairings at home with friends.
• One of our pet hates about bad restaurant wine lists is immature vintages – great wines maybe, but not great for right now! We have tried really hard to choose wines with sufficient maturity to be worth the money the moment you pull the cork.
• Don’t worry as we’ll still be crowdsourcing other hidden gems and putting out case offers once or twice a week alongside our core list. You will find them in our Club Offers.
What does it bring for our customers?
• A more focused list with easier choice.
• Lots of new finds including some great regional French wine.
• Quicker delivery, including Next Day option, starting next week.
• PayPal now available at checkout for easier ordering.
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