Tom's Fireside Chat with Filippo Chia

We had our first virtual wine event this week - a Fireside Chat with Tom about Brunello 2015 – and we’re pleased to report that it was a roaring success. Tom was joined by Filippo Chia, owner and head winemaker of Castello di Romitorio and a font of knowledge about the region’s wines and history and so much more besides. Castello di Romitorio is a truly trailblazing estate, producing some of the most profound Brunello and it was a pleasure to learn about the fascinating back story of Filippo’s famous father Sandro Chia and the exciting future ahead for the family’s wines. Everyone brought a bottle (we noticed Tom brought two) and when the wine started flowing the conversation became increasingly far-reaching, ranging from the geological history of Italy to whether drinking Mastrojanni 2010 is a bit like consuming baby’s blood.



Here's what some of the attendees had to say:

“Thank you to you and the HG team for organising the virtual event last night - a great way to end the day and take our minds off all the craziness!

Filippo is indeed a fountain of knowledge and I dare say he has inherited his father’s gift for poetry/storytelling! Fascinating history both for the estate and the region. I sincerely hope the opportunity arises to meet him in person one day.”

Anna, Grand Cru Classé Member


“Really enjoyed the chat this evening.  Format worked well.  Just ordered myself a mix of his wines from the website to work through and so hope we can make the trip in June, fingers crossed for that.”

Graham, Grand Cru Classé Member


“I really enjoyed it - I’ve ordered 6 ?”

Kerr, Very Good Friend  

If you are interested in supporting Castello Romitorio then below is an offer on the legendary 2015 about which Filippo spoke so eloquently and passionately, and also a fantastic offering from Argiano, whose quality he also generously recognised:


Castello Romitorio Brunello di Montalcino, 2015

£198 / 6 bottles In Bond


Castello Romitorio Brunello di Montalcino, 2015


Tenuta di Argiano Brunello di Montalcino, 2015

£156 / 6 bottles In Bond


Tenuta di Argiano Brunello di Montalcino, 2015


It was a real pleasure to place all the news about Covid-19 to one side and get a group of oenophiles together to talk about wine. We’re all relying on a good bottle or two to get us through the coming weeks and it’s more important than ever that we stay in touch with each other and support our lovely growers. Online wine events have been in our pipeline for some time and we're delighted to have got them off the ground running.


We have plenty more in store, beginning with our Guided Tasting with Lionel Faury next week on 1 April. Lionel has made a real name for himself in the Northern Rhone and can’t wait to guide you through his stunning wines from Condrieu, Saint Joseph and Cote Rotie. Tickets are £30 and we’ll send you a bottle of one of Lionel’s wines to try with him on Wednesday if you place an order by Sunday 29 March.


Being able to organize our online wine events remotely means it’s easier than ever for you to meet our growers and the Honest Grapes team. We have more fireside chats and grower tastings planned to keep you entertained over the coming weeks so stay tuned for further details!