Making the Premier Crew wine club even better!

After trailing our ideas with many of our members, we’re now ready to introduce a range of changes intended to make the Premier Crew an even better experience.  The Premier Crew is the affordable luxury fun wine club that offers great wine on a regular basis to people who don’t feel they need to be wine buffs, but want thrilling wines at sensible prices. And our members even get to curate the wine list with us!

Simpler pips plan and improved loyalty bonus

You now earn 10% cashback pips on monthly deposits, rather than wine purchases.
These changes simplify pips (effectively giving you more buying power for your deposits) and encourage members to deposit more each month. This will help us to get better access to new wines from our winemakers.
For every £1 you deposit into your members account each month, We’ll credit you with 10% extra in pips (10 pips per £ deposited). So £100/month buys you £110 worth of wine.  This is simpler and a bigger cashback for members than earning pips on wine purchases.  We’ll experiment a bit to get this right – for now you can redeem your pips on Premium Wine, mixed case purchases and tasting event tickets but not on Fine Wine.
Unlike other wine merchants, we offer thrilling wines at fair trade prices. We don’t believe in inflating list prices and then giving the illusion of big discounts. The pips loyalty cashback is a real thank you for your regular monthly deposits and we absorb the difference, passing on fair prices to our growers.

New welcome benefits

Every new member receives a swanky new welcome pack with a Membership Guide, Membership Card, Free Taste Lab* worth £35 and Wine Profile with Wine Advisor consultation for all new members.
The new Membership Guide and Taste Lab Kit helps you to learn more for yourself about your wine preferences.  By sampling the wines in the Taste Lab Kit and doing the Wine Quiz online, you create a set of preferences on your profile that help you to select wines from our list that should match your taste.  You can toggle the filter on and off to see the entire list in a second.  Our fun quaffing selector then helps you to pair your selections with the food and occasions of your choice!
We want to understand your personal wine preferences and offer a consultation with one of the Wine Advisors when you join, so that you can stock up in style.
NB Existing members will receive all of these new member benefits.
*The Taste Lab Kit is offered to members depositing £50 or more monthly. The £35 cost will be debited from your account if you leave within 6 months of joining the Premier Crew.

Recommend a Friend

Up to £20 in pips for you, and 20% cashback for the first 6 months for friends you introduce to the Premier Crew.
We hope you love the Premier Crew so much you’ll want to bring your friends!  We’re a small wine club, offering a personal service and need your help in building our membership.  We hope we can offer great benefits and thanks for referral.
Your Perk:

  • 1000 pips (worth £10) for any friend you refer who makes a wine purchase of £100 or over

  • 2000 pips (worth £20) if your friend joins the Premier Crew at £50/month or over
Your Friend’s Perk:
20% cashback (20 pips added for every £1 deposited) instead of the usual 10% for the first 6 months. So for £100/month deposit per month, your friend will earn £120 cashback instead of £60 over 6 months.
See our blog post for more details. 

New regular wine delivery options

We’ll soon be introducing a new Case Selector which will allow you to order regular deliveries based on your Wine Profile.
This means that you can choose three types of mixed cases:

  • Pick Of The Bunch: Regular deliveries of wines selected by Tom and Nathan to give you a variety of great wines at the price and frequency that you choose.

  • Pick Your Own Bunch: Regular deliveries of wines based on your personal Wine Profile, also at the price and frequency you choose.

  • Mixed Cases: Seasonal hand-picked cases of wines we know you’ll love

‘Pick and mix’ cases are very hard for us to service – especially when it’s only for a few bottles. We hope that improving the flexibility of our regular case service will save people time in selection and get the right amount of wine of the right style and at the right price to our members.

Improved wine list layout

Separating Premium Wines and Fine Wines to make shopping easier.
We now have four wine lists.

  • Premium Wine by the Case. Most of this is offered in cases of 6, so that you don't have to buy 12 of everything. You help us and the environment most by ordering your wine this way.

  • Premium Wine Pick ‘n Mix. This is an ongoing selection of wines, where we can mix them up in cases for you. Some of these are in stock so we can deliver them immediately.

  • Pick Of The Bunch mixed cases. These are mixed cases of our lovely wines that we've put together so you don't have to choose them.

  • Fine Wines. These are mostly wines at higher prices and for collecting as well as long-term drinking. They may be offered In Bond or Duty Paid. You can read our blog post on collecting wine in bond or duty-paid.

Changed delivery cycle and charges

We want to help our growers through fair trade by selling their wine in sensible quantities.  Packing and shipping mixed cases of 6 individual wines is environmentally and economically dreadful.  So we’ve done the following:

  • Taken away the minimum order quantity – so you can now order any number of bottles.

  • Increased the range of mixed case options – see above

  • Help our growers by offering more wines as unmixed cases of 6, and a big selection of single bottles in the Pick ‘n Mix selection

  • Change to £12 Standard Delivery (see details) for orders under £150.

All this means that almost all orders of 12 bottles of wine will have inclusive Standard Delivery.  We'd really encourage you to buy your wines in quantities of at least 12 bottles at a time. It's so much easier to pack and deliver, and friendlier on the environment.

Brilliant Cellar Plans

We already have several members at this level, so we can offer this bespoke service to more people.
Have you ever thought about buying wine for collecting and longer term cellaring, ready for your future enjoyment? We can help answer all your questions:

  • Why should I develop a cellar?

  • Buying wine Duty Paid, In bond and En Primeur

  • How much should I budget?

  • From which regions, and what types of wine should I buy?

  • How should I store my wine?

  • How should I sell any surplus wine?

  • How should I get started?

We run customised cellar plans for numerous members. By upgrading your Premier Crew membership, you can include wines for drinking and cellaring, leaving us to pick the right offers as they come along.

Even more wonderful events

All Premier Crew members are invited to our free series of Panel Tastings, at which you get to taste 15-20 wines and help us select which should be added to our wine list.
We’re also introducing a new series of grower tastings, with ‘bring a friend for free’ special offers for Premier Crew members.
Bring your friends to our events, have a great time and spread the word!

Partner benefits

We work with a few other organisations who’ve offered benefits to Premier Crew members. They’re listed on the Affiliates page of our web site:

  • Wine storage cabinets and cellar build

  • Special offers at luxury stores

  • Concierge services

  • Private members’ clubs

Don’t worry, we never give your details to any third parties. These benefits are all ones we like from people we know.

Why upgrade your membership?                         

We want to encourage you to upgrade your membership to at least £50/month, and as an incentive would like to send you a free Taste Lab Kit* worth £35 if you are already on £50/month or more, or upgrade to this amount by the end of March.
To upgrade, just renew here.