Honest Grapes News

  1. Introducing Pontet Labrie

    A new wine, a new opportunity "the debut… ticked all the right boxes" "2015 was the perfect way to introduce Le Pontet - this is splendid." The Wine Advocate Jonathan Maltus, one of Bordeaux’ most pioneering and successful 100-point wine producers, started in St Emilion in 1994 with a small vineyard - Château Teyssier, which he has added to over the years, so that he now has 50 hectares under vines. Continue reading →

  2. TGIF(D): Thank God It's Fruit Day

    Nowadays it seems like there is a day for everything; Christmas, New Year, for lovers, for mothers (15th March, don't forget!). Just when you thought you've had enough of these days, Fruit Day comes along. But you'll like this "Day", we promise - it's an excuse to drink a very nice bottle of wine. Continue reading →

  3. The Honest Grapes Christmas Gift Guide

    Christmas Time ~ Mistletoe & Wine (Yes, it’s entirely focused on wine) Not sure what to give the in-laws this Christmas? Want something different to serve with your turkey? Stuck for ideas for the perfect gift for your partner or need something to impress your boss? We've got you covered... Continue reading →

  4. "A cracking piece of kit": Taste Lab Kits Reviews

    We think our Taste Lab Kit is a great way for wine lovers to challenge themselves and their preconceptions. But you don't have to trust us - a host of wine journalists and bloggers have tried and reviewed the Kits too... Continue reading →

  5. The Wine’s Bond, In Bond…

    The next James Bond movie has been delayed until 2018, so in the meantime we turn our thoughts to another, no less exciting Bond opportunity… Continue reading →

  6. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness - Tom talks Autumn

    As the seasons change and coats are pulled from the back of closets, we asked our head wine guru Tom Harrow about what winemakers are looking for during the Autumnal months, and what we can expect from the 2015 harvest, wine-wise. Continue reading →

  7. Burgers - the Ultimate Wine Pairing?

    Thursday was National Burger Day, one of our favourite national food days here at Honest Grapes. As is always the way in the office, we started thinking about the perfect wine to pair with a beautifully cooked medium-rare American Classic. A lively debate ensued but, as always, the rabble demurred to our Chief Wine Person, Tom 'Wine Chap' Harrow. So, what did Tom declare as the ultimate burger tipple? Continue reading →

  8. Premier Crew Perks: Your Own Personal Wine Advisor

    Perhaps the most under-rated benefit of being part of our Premier Crew wine club is access to a Personal Wine Advisor. James and Sophie (with regular assistance from Tom and Nathan) answer dozens of questions from our Premier Crew each week – about Honest Grapes wines, definitely, but also about food and wine matching, travel, restaurant and bar recommendations… Continue reading →

  9. WineShrink analyses Château Civrac's Mark Hellyar

    Château Civrac is a favourite here at Honest Grapes. This natural and modern vineyard in Bordeaux has a great story, and produces even better wine. Both their signature Bordeaux Blend and their Sauvignon Blanc (the appropriately named "Wild White") are continuously favourites at our tastings. Limited quantities of older vintages of the red, in particular, are snapped up by our Premier Crew with alarming alacrity. Continue reading →

  10. Villa Gresti - Inspirational Story behind a Beautiful Wine

    Historic Wine Made by a Truly Remarkable Family: Not only does Villa Gresti come from one of the most important wineries in Italy (San Leonardo consistently produces the most highly-rated Bordeaux blends in Northern Italy), but the story behind the name is simply astonishing. Tom Harrow has been to visit on a number of occasions and as you can see astonishing really is the word to describe this beautiful place. Continue reading →