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  1. Honest Grapes and Buchanans: MasterCard Priceless London Cheese and Wine Event

    Honest Grapes and Buchanans Cheesemonger are thrilled to have partnered with MasterCard Priceless Cities to hold a spectacular cheese and wine evening at Buchanans, based in Porchester Place. Continue reading

  2. Time to Buy Wine - Tom Harrow for Spear's

    Our Wine Director Tom Harrow, aka WineChap, has contributed his expertise to an article explaining why now is the time to be buying wine after a historic collapse in wine production. Continue reading

  3. Wines to be thankful for

    With Thanksgiving less than one month away, our own resident American Claire, has rounded up her top picks for the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner. Make note even if you're not celebrating on the 23rd of November, as these wines are also perfect for Christmas dinner! Continue reading

  4. An exquisite evening of Fine Wine tasting

    Last night we hosted an impressive tasting of our top fine wines at the wonderful Maison Assouline in Central London. We welcomed over 60 people and presented fine wines from small independent producers that overflow with exceptional value, ranging from intriguingly complex grower Champagnes to monumental Napa Cabernets. Continue reading

  5. 6 Tips for Flawless Wine Etiquette

    A knowledge of fine wine is an arbiter of taste and sophistication, an easy plot device in books and films to demonstrate the protagonist's urbane epicurean credentials. In reality its just as essential for impressing your lovers, clients, and any potential fathers-in-law. Perhaps like the right school, a respectable golf handicap, or conversational French, wine appreciation should not be a necessary social skill - but it is. Get it right and you can effortlessly engage a room full of strangers into easy conversation: Get it wrong and you look as gauche as the inexperienced hostess who seats a dinner guest next to his long-established mistress. Continue reading

  6. 20 Rules for Food & Wine Pairing when Entertaining

    Party season is just around the corner, so we have put together some tips for pairing food and wine when entertaining your guests. From starters and nibbles, through to mains and dessert, follow these simple steps to create memorable food and wine combinations. Continue reading

  7. Your Guide to Food & Wine Pairing

    Party season is just around the corner, so we thought a guide on pairing food and wine when entertaining guests would come in handy. From starters and nibbles, through to mains and dessert, our guide will provide some great inspiration for memorable food and wine combinations. Continue reading

  8. Introducing our new Sommelier Selection

    "Sommeliers are the new rock stars of the restaurant world. Or perhaps superstar DJs is a better term, as they don’t create wines but rather curate them expertly – a great wine list is like a lovingly collected box of vintage vinyl, each addition chosen because it’s owner thinks it’s a brilliant example of the genre that simply has to be shown off to the world... Continue reading

  9. The new Porsches! Join the German wine revolution with Honest Grapes.

    Most of us think of other regions as the heart of our wine collections, so why drink and collect so many German wines? We asked our co-founder Nathan, who has been nuts about German wine since living in the Rheingau in the 1980’s. Continue reading

  10. How to taste wine

    To fully appreciate each wine, it's useful to know a little about how to taste it. These easy steps will make even the most casual quaffer seem like a serious sommelier (beard and outsized wine glass are optional). Practice makes perfect, so try it with a nice Honest Grapes wine or, even better, with our at home wine tasting kit, the Taste Lab. Continue reading

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