Premier Crew Perks: Refer a Friend, earn up to 2000 pips

The next in our Premier Crew Perks series is a benefit that our Premier Crew have requested again and again – an incentive for referring a friend to Honest Grapes.
We’re now very happy to officially announce two very juicy carrots to encourage our Premier Crew members to refer their friends to Honest Grapes:

  • 1000 pips (£10 in Honest Grapes credit) for any friend you refer who makes a  wine purchase of £150 or over

  • 2000 pips (£20 in Honest Grapes credit) for any friend you refer who joins the Premier Crew

How to refer a friend to Honest Grapes:

  1. Login into your account

  2. Scroll down to the "My Referrals" section in the left-side column

  3. You will be presented with a few options for referring friends at this point. The easiest way is to use the "Send invitations" tool. Your friends will receive an email from you with a link to the Honest Grapes website

  4. When your friends make a purchase or join Premier Crew, we'll know that you referred them and will be able to credit you with the appropriate number of pips.

[caption id="attachment_1835" align="aligncenter" width="625" class=" "]Referrals_Send
The "Send Invitations" tool within the "My Referrals" section of your account.

  • The 1000 pips is only awarded once - on your friend's first wine purchase over £150 - and not on subsequent purchases.

  • You can receive a maximum of 2000 pips for every new customer your refer. So, if your friend makes a first wine purchase over £150, and then subsequently joins the Premier Crew, we'll award you 1000 pips on their first purchase, and 1000 when they join Premier Crew.

  • NB: Please note that only Premier Crew members can earn pips for referring friends to Honest Grapes.

What is the Premier Crew?

Premier Crew is a group we’ve developed to recognise and reward our most loyal customers – basically, we think you’re a little bit special.
What are the advantages of being Premier Crew?

  • Your own personal wine advisor from the team headed by our Wine Director Tom Harrow

  • Invitations to exclusive tastings – free 

  • The ability to earn and spend pips – Honest Grapes loyalty points
How do I become Premier Crew?
You can join Premier Crew by depositing a minimum £50 per month in our cellar plan. Just to be clear - this isn't a membership fee. Instead, it's money that you can use at any time to buy wine. You can read more here.


What are pips?

Pips are Honest Grapes loyalty points. One pip equals one penny – so, 2000 pips equal £20 in Honest Grapes credit.
How do I earn pips?

  • Only Premier Crew can earn and spend pips.

  • The philosophy behind our pips programme is fairly transparent – you save us the pennies, and we’ll pass back the pips. This means that we reward you for saving us money. Specific ways you can earn pips include:

    • Your monthly deposit - by being loyal, you save us from having to go out and find new customers

    • Writing reviews for our website – reviews help us know if we're listing the correct wines

    • Referring your friends – we’ll give you 1000 pips (that's £10 of credit) if someone you refer purchases wine or joins the Premier Crew.