Premier Crew Perks: Your Own Personal Wine Advisor

Perhaps the most under-rated benefit of being part of our Premier Crew wine club is access to a Personal Wine Advisor. James and Sophie (with regular assistance from Tom and Nathan) answer dozens of questions from our Premier Crew each week – about Honest Grapes wines, definitely, but also about food and wine matching, travel, restaurant and bar recommendations…
We’ve put together a very short FAQ below to help you better understand this service – but do let us know if you have more questions.

Q: Er, I’ve gotten this far through life without a wine advisor. What on earth would I ask them?

A: For inspiration, here’s a sample of the questions that have come in over the last few weeks…

  • I’m going to attempt cooking <insert your ambitious dish of choice> for Sunday lunch. What wine from my Pick of the Bunch case should I serve with it?

  • I’m visiting <amazing holiday destination that we’re thoroughly jealous of> in a few weeks. I hear they have fantastic vineyards and cellar doors. Where should I visit?

  • I’d like to buy a bottle of wine for a friend. They like this, this and this, and I’d like to spend x. What would you recommend?

  • We’re going out to dinner for our anniversary, and have a bottle of wine saved for this very occasion. Know anywhere in London where the corkage charge isn’t exorbitant?

Q: How do I know their advice is actually any any good?

A: Well, we could tell you a lot about WSET qualifications, but instead, here’s James and Sophie answering a question we hear repeatedly – is it OK to chill red wine?

Q: How do I contact them?

A: Let us count the ways!

  1. Give them on a ring in the office on 020 3603 1646.

  2. Send an email.

  3. Tag @HonestGrapes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  4. Use our online chat function (in the lower right-side corner of the screen)

  5. Have a chat an one of our tastings or events (remember, some of the them are free for Premier Crew).