Premier Crew Perks – How to Earn Pips

One of the most important benefits of being part of the Premier Crew has surely got to be the ability to earn Pips. If you don’t know already, Pips are the Honest Grapes loyalty points. One pip equals one penny – so, 2000 pips equal £20 in Honest Grapes credit.


As Christian and Sean have so eloquently explained in the video above, only Premier Crew members can earn and spend Pips. And how, I hear you ask, do you go about earning those Pips? Well, there are 3 ways:

Your monthly deposit – we’ll deposit pips into your account at the same time as your monthly deposit. For every £1 you deposit, you earn 10 pips. This gives you 10% cashback to spend on your purchases. The more you deposit each month, the more bonus pips you earn. So for example £100 + 1000 pips = £110 of wine.

Writing reviews for our website – reviews help us know if we’re listing the correct wines. We’ll give Premier Crew members 50 pips for every approved review. As an added incentive, each week we’ll award a “Review of the Week” 500 pips (that's £5 towards future purchases).

Referring your friends – we’ll give you 1000 pips (that's £10 of credit) if someone you refer makes a wine purchase of over £150, and 2000 pips (£20 of credit) for any friend you refer who joins the Premier Crew.

Once your pips have built up, you can spend them in increments of 2000 pips (or £20) on any premium wine purchase, Taste Lab Kit or event ticket.  You can save your pips up and spend all on one order, or you can use 2000 on a regular basis, for a special bottle of wine to treat yourself!

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