Sean's favourite food and wine pairings

Our COO Sean doesn't only make sure that your chosen wines arrive with you safely and on time - he is also passionate about his cooking, and to pairing his dishes with the perfect tipple.

Paolo e Noemia D’Amico Noe Orvieto, Italy, £13.90

Drink with fresh broad bean soup at the Michelin starred River Café. A heady mix of young broad beans, peas and mint and good stock needs an elegant spring mate. The acidity in this little white gem matches fresh elements in the soup whilst cutting through the starch in the beans. Cleansing the palate, it leaves the mouth wanting for more. More up for a fresh but filling salad? Drink it with your own Michelin starred Salade Niçoise.
Salade nicoise
Vigne Surrau Branu, Italy, £17.90
Vigne Surrau
Pairs with BBQ squid and cucumber (3 ways) at Brunswick House Cafe. A marinade of chilli, root ginger, garlic and thyme infuse the squid and is sharply contrasted with cucumber, parts of which have been steeped in vinegar, the skins seasoned, and the flesh dressed in good olive oil. It would also work brilliantly with lobster linguine - which benefits from a captivating zestiness, minerality and subtle salinity - this Sardinian treat is my go-to. If outdoors, it's best drunk off a yacht in the Med, or at the very least, with your feet in a paddling pool in the back yard.
Lobster Linguine
Castello di Neive Sulfite-free Barbera d'Alba, Italy, £20.30
Castello di Neive Barbera d'Alba
Pairs with Tagliatelle with Duck Ragout; or monstrously large rare steaks liberally seasoned and flamed on a grill on the terrace. It's a wonderfully rich and complex wine with a power and elegance. Lovely garnet colours sparkle from the glass while sour cherries and dried fruits tantalise the tastebuds. Its structure and fine tannins combine well with the richness of a ragout, gutsy game, and Argentine-sized steaks.
Johan Vineyards Grüner Veltliner, Oregon, £22.20
Johan Vineyards Grüner Veltliner
Pairs with Thai dishes, especially the vibrant curries. A biodynamic pleasure whose creaminess and intense mid-palate of exotic ripe fruit speak to tangy dishes. Not as prickly as its Austrian cousins, means this Grüner plays well with the zingy melody of salty, citrus and sour asian foods - a wine to work with the creaminess of a curry and not against it. Think: fragrant green curry, topped with crushed roasted peanuts; and a side of sharply dressed salad.
Chicken Korma
Herbert Hall Rosé, England, £30.80
Herbert Hall Rose
Pairs with feet sinking into the deep green grass, a straw hat, light jazz and ripe strawberries handed around in an enormous bowl. Grown in that part of Kent known as the Garden of England, its apple zing and pink blush are lilting floral notes of subtle wonder. It’s just magic with shellfish because the structure and weight hold their own, or you could keep it simple, with one big fat strawberry after the other. A dribble of juice down the chin completes my happiness.
Fruits de Mar
Rogue Vine Grand Itata Blanco, Chile, £16.40
Rogue Vine Grand Itata Blanco
Pairs with big fresh salads. I make a large bowl of fresh spinach, basil, Aegean feta and parma ham and dress it with a finger-licking elixir of good oil, honey and rose water. Salty, fragrant, creamy and crunchy; so I need a fragrant sweeter white which makes my mouth glad for more. With notes of peaches, lemon and orange blossom you suspect its going to be frilly with no decent conversation. But its wild Chilean Moscatel / Riesling blend is subtly sweet, full bodied and structured across the palate so it matches the floral salad notes and cleans the feta each mouthful.
Green Salad
You can find more suggestions on pairings here - or give us a call on 020 3603 1646, we are here to help!