TGIF(D): Thank God It's Fruit Day

Nowadays it seems like there is a day for everything; Christmas, New Year, for lovers, for mothers (15th March, don't forget!). Just when you thought you've had enough of these days, Fruit Day comes along. But you'll like this "Day", we promise - it's an excuse to drink a very nice bottle of wine.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Fruit Day is only one of many 'nature' days. Others include: Seed Day, Root Day, Flower Day, Leaf Day. These days originate from the concept of biodynamic farming which was introduced by Rudolf Steiner in the early 90s.

  • Quick history lesson: Biodynamic Farming is a philosophy that recognises the farm as an entity that needs to be taken care of holistically (and organically) in order the make the best produce. This includes caring for the farmers, the livestock and all of the life's forces.

  • Biodynamic farming paired with the lunar calendar means that Friday 6th March is a Fruit Day.

Did your eyes immediately roll when you saw the words "biodynamic" and "holistic"? We know, but here's the interesting thing - even sceptics agree that red wine, in particular tastes better on a Fruit Day. It also explains why the exact same wine can tastes better or worse, depending on the day - as our Wine Director Tom discovered on a "Root Day" last month:

So you know what you have to do tonight: crack open that special bottle of wine you have been saving, pour and enjoy!