Tokaji Weigh-In

We are delighted to announce a very special weigh-in with myself and Royal Tokaji. 
But first an introduction from Charlie Mount, Royal Tokaji MD who says:
Royal Tokaji was founded in 1990, its mission to recreate the wine that for centuries was considered amongst the very finest in the world: The legendary Tokaji Aszú, the “Medieval Viagra”, as enjoyed by Emperors, Kings and Popes over the centuries.  Latterly however we have realised the region can also make dry wines of particular class and charm.  As with our Aszú wines Furmint takes the lead for the dry white, but there is also a little Yellow Muscat and the weird and wonderful Hárslevelű, which comes from the Hungarian “to sneeze”.
The majority of the grapes were harvested in the commune of Mád and 60% fermented and aged in Hungarian oak.  We thought of calling it, “A Dry Wine from Weird Grapes Made by a Great Sweet Wine Producer” but that wouldn’t fit on the label. We went with:
Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.57.10
We wanted a catchy strapline and after forking out for a bunch of branding consultants had yielded nothing suitable, I turned warily to my old colleague Tom Harrow who had mentioned he was a fan of our dry Furmint…
I had always liked the wine – a good one to pull out at dinner parties with wine snobs and novitiates alike as it flummoxes everyone equally being so unusual, whilst the actual palate is reassuringly accessible. Hence I suggested to Charlie – “the familiar taste of something very different”.  He was sceptical at first but focus group testing yielded positive results and now it’s on thousands of bottles around the world.
I stupidly forgot to ask for a fat fee for this marketing gem but Charlie offered me my own bodyweight in the Oddity as a house white, so I’ve been loading up on indigestible melted cheese last week in the Alps in preparation for an 11 am weigh-in on Wednesday, 13th April at Smithfields Market. I’m really hoping to tip 13 stone so I have enough to get me through to Christmas.
Get in touch if you'd like to come along, Oddity will be served afterwards and is available to buy through Honest Grapes; more details as required.
Pip &c,
Tom Harrow
For more information on Royal Tokaji please contact Patricia Parnell or call 020 7350 0210.