Wine and the Environment

Wine is at heart an agricultural product. We care about the way in which the grapes are grown, fermented into wine, stored and delivered to our Friends:

  • Independent, family Growers love and care for their land over the generations

  • Minimal use of chemicals leads to better tasting wines (with fewer headaches!)

  • We think about the environmental impact of packing and shipping wine around the world

  • We won’t send you lots of silly vouchers, and other unnecessary paper

  • We promote recycling and upcycling of packaging and bottling materials

  • We promote responsible drinking so that you can enjoy the fruit of the vine with that warm glow of pleasure rather than a horrible hangover!

  • Our Wine tastings and Big Day Out wine fairs give you the chance to try before you buy

Please let us know if you see a way in which we can improve our impact on the environment.