Wine of the Week: A 2008 Bordeaux Malbec for £15

So good have the wines coming out of Argentina been for the past few decades that it’s easy to forget that Malbec was originally a grape most strongly associated with South-West France and Bordeaux.

The 100% Malbec that we're featuring this week, however, could not be more French if it tried – Napoleon even patronised the Château Relais de la Poste on a journey back to Paris in 1808. More recently, however, winemaker Olivier Dauga has taken the reins at the estate, and set about challenging Bordeaux norms.

Bordeaux_MalbecThe result is wine with a structure that any Argentine would envy. A late harvest in 2008 gave the wine an extra ripeness, and the intervening years of bottle age have further developed and deepened the rich, tightly wound fruit flavours (with a good underlying concentration) with savoury, leathery notes emerging on the mid palate.

This resolutely French wine pairs best with French cuisine - take advantage of the last of the cool weather and drink it  with a beef bourguignon.

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