Wine Wisdom - New World Winter Warmers

As the days get colder and shorter, it's defiantly time for a winter warmer. We haven't picked your conventional big red from France/Italy but we've gone for two wines from exciting New World producers in Australia. We are also delighted to announce that Jana Hoyt, from Weingut am Stein will be co-hosting along with Nathan for our German Christmas Market, see more details below.

Wine Wisdom

German Christmas Market, 25th November, Gandy Arts, 340 King's Road.
Join us for our German Christmas Market hosted by Nathan (our German wine guru) and Jana Hoyt from Weingut am Stein. We will be showcasing a selection of fantastic Rieslings, Slivaners and Spatburgunders, finishing off with a delicious sweet wine. These will all be paired with German style Canapes.
To reserve your space click here.

Our Wines of the Week:jamsheed_beechworth_roussanne_s
Jamsheed Wines Beechworth Rousanne, 2015
Gary Mills, one of the frist new-wave Australian winemakers, began his Jamsheed label in 2003 with a focus on single vineyards. Fragrant garden herbs on the nose. Then dry, light-bodied, crisp and very quaffable, but with a slightly herbal taste.
luke_lambert_crudo_s Luke Lambert Crudo, Syrah, 2012
Luke Lambert is part of the younger generation of Yarra Valley growers, and is widely recognised as a passionate and talented winemaker. Lovely energetic Syrah. Nothing like the 'squid-ink Shiraz' of Australia's old guard, this wine positively bursts with plum and black fruits. There's a bit of allspice and anise too, with enough tannins to make this a great food wine.

Vintellect: New World vs. Old World
Old World Wines are from countries or regions where winemaking first originated using traditional methods e.g. France, Italy, Spain, Portugal & Germany. Old World Wines usually have a lighter taste, less alcohol and have higher acidity, tasting less fruity.
New World Wine are from countries or regions where winemaking was imported during and after the age of exploration. e.g Australia, USA, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand. New World Wines are usually described as having a riper taste, with more fruitiness and having a high alcohol content with less acidity.