Wine Wisdom with Tom Harrow at Honest Grapes

This week Tom will take you down the Honest Grapevine,  including Desert Island Drinking, fine reds from two of Tom's favourite estates in northern Italy, this weeks recipe, learn about a one of kind tasting experience and when is the best time to enjoy fine wine?
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60s of Wine Wisdom with Tom Harrow

Wine Wisdom with Tom Harrow

Desert Island Drinking:
Tannu Rosso, 2014 tannu_rosso_s_1
Tannu comes from the old Sicilian dialect for 'as it was' which sets out the producer's stall nicely. Merlot and Nero work really well together. Juicy, peppery, and round, the Rosso has cherry and mocha on the nose and an intense ripe palate.
tannu_bianco_2013_s_1Tannu Bianco, 2014
Practices are followed in the vineyards and there is a minimal manipulation of the grapes in the winery subsequently. Wonderful scents of citrus - particularly lemon - notes jump from the glass followed by slightly tropical suggestions and on the palate this remains crisp, dry but with an intensity for which reason I love blend grapes.
Vinge Surrau Branu Vermentino di Gallura, 2014 vigne_surrau_branu_s_1
From vineyards right on the coast, close to Porto Cervo in northern Sardinia, and the famed Emerald Coast. Mid-weight and no oak with ripe fruit and a nutty, creamy mid-palate that nevertheless is quartz and refreshing with no extra weight to make it anything other than universally appealing glass of white.
Tenuta di Fessina, Ero Nero d'Avola, 2013
The winery is located on Mount Etna, in Rovittello, working mainly with local varieties. This wine has great varietal character but old vine fruit and the volcanic soils of Val di Noto ensuring a complexity and elegance I've not seen from this grape before.

Fine wine:
Barbaresco Santo Stefano Riserva 2011, Castello di Neive
Castello di Neive and it's 150 acre estate are owned by the Stupino brothers and sisters. This beautiful estate in the Barbaresco zone of Piedmont has played an important part in the development of the noble Nebbiolo grape since 1857. 2011 is Barbaresco's finest vintage in a decade and this is one of the region's top wines with a nose like recently polished, old oak sideboard, used for storing Turkish Delight. Brooding tannis and puckering acidity patrol around the complex and elegant palate of rosewater, treacle and stewed prunes.
Mirafiore Lazzarito, 2010
Marafiore is one the most historical estates in Italy. Based in Serralugna d'Alba, the estate and hunting lodge were owned by the son of the first king of Italy, with long tradition of Barolo production. Their 2008 was a 94-point wine and 2010, a fantastic, structured and powerful vintage for Barolo, is a clear notch up.
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This Week's Recipe:
Freshly caught seabass then do very little with it, just more butter than you think and olive oil. You could put some fresh tomatoes around the fish to make the complete dish.
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Vintellect: When's the best time to enjoy your fine wine?
The best time to enjoy is over lunch - your palate is fresher than at dinner and your critical faculties less jaded after a long day. Undeniably also, your appreciation is enhanced by the illicit thrill of being just a little bit pissed whilst it's still light out side and normal people are sober and toiling. Furthermore, after an extended lunch you can always get home, not always the case post - dinner.