WineShrink analyses Château Civrac's Mark Hellyar

Château Civrac is a favourite here at Honest Grapes. This natural and modern vineyard in Bordeaux has a great story, and produces even better wine. Both their signature Bordeaux Blend and their Sauvignon Blanc (the appropriately named "Wild White") are continuously favourites at our tastings. Limited quantities of older vintages of the red, in particular, are snapped up by our Premier Crew with alarming alacrity.

Mark is an Cornishman in Bordeaux, a school headmaster/farmer/surfer who followed his winemaking dreams. For some strange reason, he consented to lying down on the Wine Shrink couch, and submitted himself to the not-terribly-stringent-and-occassionally-quite-peurile analysis of our head wine guru and all-round WineChap, Tom Harrow.

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